Sightline Selects J.P. Morgan Payments as Primary Processor for Play+

LAS VEGAS — (March 24, 2022)

Today, Sightline Payments announced it selected J.P. Morgan Payments as the primary merchant acquirer and payments processor for Sightline’s Play+® ecosystem, which enables consumers to spend their funds with more than 80 partners in over 40 states across the sports betting, lottery, racing, and online and brick-and-mortar casino markets. Sightline plans to work with J.P. Morgan Payments as it develops products and services that solve payments challenges for casino operators and consumers.

Routing Play+ transactions through J.P. Morgan Payments will benefit both merchants and Play+ accountholders, providing consumers with faster cash outs.

“We are thrilled to select J.P. Morgan Payments to help us enhance the regulated North American gaming industry’s payments experience,” said Omer Sattar, Sightline Co-CEO. “We’re at a critical point in the gaming industry’s payments ecosystem. J.P. Morgan Payments will help us solve some of the biggest payments challenges our industry faces and provide real solutions to the millions of consumers who enjoy the modern, omnichannel gaming experience.”

“At J.P. Morgan Payments, we’ve seen tremendous growth of digital payments in the gaming industry and we’re excited that Sightline has selected our best in class products and services for Play+ payments processing,” said Drew Soinski, Managing Director and Senior Payments Executive, J.P. Morgan Payments.

Sightline’s Play+ solution has enabled consumers to interact with gaming operators since 2012. Today, Play+ has more than 1.5 million accountholders nationally, providing them with a wide variety of funding options and the industry’s fastest access to their funds. In 2021, Sightline’s Play+ transformed the cash-based gaming industry by launching cashless gaming offerings at casinos in Nevada, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Visitors to these casinos can use their Play+ accounts to fund their activities on and off the casino floor without ever having to get cash.

About Sightline Payments

Sightline Payments is the U.S. sports betting and casino gaming market’s leading digital payments provider and mobile app developer. Sightline leverages cutting-edge technology to apply modern solutions to a traditionally cash-based industry projected to grow to more than $150 billion in the next few years. Sightline’s suite of mobile solutions gives consumers a safe, secure, and responsible way to fund their online and in-person gaming activities and enables casinos to offer cashless wagering and personalized loyalty options across the entire property. With more than 1.5 million Play+ accounts, 3 million mobile loyalty platform downloads, and 70+ partners across the sports betting, lottery, racing, and online and brick-and-mortar casino markets, Sightline is uniquely positioned to transform the traditional gaming landscape. Learn more at

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