“If we are going to strive and succeed as a modern business in the hospitality space, we must understand how today’s customers want to pay”
Bill Miller, AGA President & CEO

Sightline is the only payments technology provider to enable two-way cashless transactions for all casino gaming offerings and all non-gaming spend with Play+. Play+ is a fully integrated payment technology platform delivering the true omni-channel experience.

While much of the business world shifts to a cashless society, the casino gaming industry is known for being cash dominant. The pandemic has created urgency for our industry to adopt contactless payments. Sightline is on a mission to be your partner in transitioning toward cashless.

Named “Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product of the Year,” Play+ allows consumers a cashless and seamless, mobile commerce experience for hospitality and gaming; including, online, mobile, on-premise slots, tables games, and sports. The Play+ digital platform is
embraced by integrated casino resorts, sports betting, and lottery platforms, including 15 of the largest and most well-recognized casino resort and sports betting brands.

Smarter, easier, faster, and safer describe how Sightline is changing the digital commerce paradigm in the worldwide casino-gaming industry. With Play+, consumers have convenient access to their winnings and the freedom to spend at restaurants, retail, hotel, and more; including cash withdrawals at ATM’s worldwide.

Sightline is based in Las Vegas, Nevada

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